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Miele Limited Warranty
Miele guarantees its frame to the first owner only. Steel and aluminium frames used by Miele® have a lifetime warranty.The components other than the frame are guaranteed for a period of one year.

Miele all-terrain bikes are not designed to be used with double clamp style suspension forks bikes will be void of warranty if the user has installed a double clamp style fork.

This warranty does not apply to normal wear, accidents, abuse, neglect, commercial use, rental, races, competition, improper assembly, improper maintenance by party other than an authorized dealer and use of parts or devices not consistent with the use originally intended for the bicycle are not covered by this warranty.

This warranty only applies to the replacement free of charge of the defective parts and the Company will not, under no circumstances, be responsible for any damage caused by defective parts.

Fork suspension are guaranteed by the original manufacturer.

Models presented may slightly differ from those available from our authorized dealers. As we are constantly striving to build better bikes, Miele® reserves the right to modify its bikes, parts and /or colors.

At Miele, we do our best to satify your specific needs. Because we wish to always offer you the quality service you are looking for, we would like you to take a few minutes of your time to fill this short questionnaire.


Suggested Retail Price.
The suggested retail prices posted on the Miele site are indicative and may vary and are at the discretion of each merchant. Note that transportation and assembly are not included.

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