Running, always running, and always short on time. Why not run in a more intelligent way—by riding! The Veneto is far from a traditional machine; it rolls in harmony with you and time. Why go back in time when you can live fully in the present?


The versatile Preza is just as comfortable on the small paths around the cottage as on major city streets. With a choice of components and tires, the Preza from Miele is the only bicycle you need for any occasion. Get ready, the Preza is waiting for you.


Enough with being stuck in traffic and having to look for parking. Welcome to the most efficient form of transportation—the bicycle. With the Umbria, see life in a different light and leave your stress at the office. Caution: enjoyment increases with use.


Tackle the road with a panoramic view on life. The only thing we don’t want you thinking about when riding an Umbria is the bike. We took care of every detail so all your outings are worry-free. The road reveals its many charms to those who really look.


The Torinos are designed, just like Mom and Dad’s bicycle, with a lightweight aluminum frame and thinner, high-performance tires, giving youngsters all they need to tag along with the big guys. And all you need to postpone the familiar question “Are we there yet?”